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Weiss Schwarz

Star Wars Premium Booster Case (JP)

Star Wars Premium Booster Case (JP)

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Please note: this product is in the Japanese language.

Release Date: February 17, 2023

2 cards per pack 

6 packs per box 

Number of card types: N (Normal) 30 types + FOP (Force Parallel) 30 types + SP (Special) 30 types


Every box you purchase has a chance to contain a signed card!

■ New products with glitter foil stamped cards from STAR WARS!

Of the two cards enclosed in the pack, one must be a FOP or SP stamped card!

■From EpisodeⅠ Phantom Menace to EpisodeⅨ Skywalker Dawn! Also includes Rogue One!

■ SP (special) card adopts a special frame!
 It is a luxurious card with the logo and icon of the work stamped!

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