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Weiss Schwarz

Fujimi Fantasia Bunko Pack (JP Reprint)

Fujimi Fantasia Bunko Pack (JP Reprint)

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Please note: this product is in the Japanese language.

This is the re-print of the initial product.

Popular light novel of Fujimi Fantasia Bunko participates in Weiss Schwarz! It is a product that you can enjoy as a collection as well as playing with cards!

9 cards per pack

Total 105 types of cards + 43 types (Parallel)


5 types of SP (special)

5  types of FBR (fujimi fantasia bunko rare)

11 types of RRR (triple rare)

22 types of SR (super rare)


10 types of RR (double rare)

25 types of R (rare)

28 types of U (uncommon)

28 types of C (common)

5 types of CR (climax rare)

9 types of CC (climax common)

Foil stamping sign card information

Randomly encloses a stamped autograph card of the cast voice actor in the hit pack!

Iori Nomizu as Mafuyu Shiina

Asami Sanada as Kurumi Tokisaki

Azumi Asakura as Asia Argento

Iori Nomizu as Haruna

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